Bernie's precision engineered winch

Bernie Sizer makes high-performance R/C glider winching equipment for pilots who need the best.

If you're flying in competition you need launch altitude to give you the best chance of winning.

The Bernie Sizer Winch from Narre North Engineering is strong, reliable, safe and proven in competitions around Australia & the USA.


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Greg Potter's Glider Gear supplies accessories for the RC Glider Pilot such as winch line, altimeters, sunglasses.

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  • Ballast Bars

What you get:

  • Precision machined winch (F3B/J certified) inc. Bosch motor.
  • Quick-release Battery terminals.
  • Note: turnaround stake / pulley is an optional extra
  • Neat yellow & black carrying case for protection and mobility.
  • 1 polypropylene drum shell for increasing drum diameter.
  • Heavy-duty footswitch
  • 1 yr-warranty on machined parts.
( Not included: parachute, battery, winch line, line protector or stakes )

estrella f3b on grass with nne winch

Gallery (click to zoom):

The winch kit is supplied in a beautiful carrying case with everything you need to go flying except battery, parachute, winch line & stakes (recommend 12" tent pegs).

Shown is red / black case; now superceded by yellow / black.

The entire winch is engineered using high-grade aluminium including the motor mount, the drum, the winch anchor mounts, the box section frame and the turnaround.

Note: turnaround stake is optional extra

It can all be packed up and secured in its own case. The case has 3 robust hinges and 2 lid-locks with a single centre-mounted handle.

This set-up is compact, portable and rugged.

Safety switch to prevent accidentally operating the winch with the release knob disengaged.

The drum spool can be swapped-out quickly (with the entire line on it if necessary) using a single allen key.

Order extra drum spools or extra sleeves using the quote order form.

Quick-release battery terminal connectors come standard.

The optional turnaround set-up is compact, light-weight and reliable. This is jewellery!

A turnaround stake, pulley and cables is extra

This configuration keeps it free from ground tangles and, more importantly, friction.

winch packs dwn like a transformer robot!The winch packs-down ingeniously into its box.

shiny endbellThe mirror finish is a result of fine polishing.

cloes-up of canon connectorCannon XLR3 connectors used for the foot switch.

close-up solenoidHeavy-duty solenoid

Bosch standard motor

Note the chute hook on middle mount

grey footswitch with connectorGrey footswitch with plenty of connector cable

Re-designed turnaround pulley has less friction and is more effective at stopping chutes from going through.


  • Pulley : $AUD 150
  • Stake : $AUD 50
  • Pulley engraving: $AUD30

The new pulley design is slimmer and lighter (see photo) :

Need help setting-up your new winch ?

The video demonstration below should help.

If you need more info. feel free to get in touch for advice.

The Standard Kit includes the following:

  • Bosch motor and heavy duty solenoid
  • Quick release ratchet with microswitch safety lock
  • Quick-change drum
  • High-impact poly. drum sleeve to increase diameter and thus line speed
  • Foot switch and cable with Canon connector
  • Quick disconnects for winch battery
  • Lightweight aluminum collapsible frame
  • Attractive and durable carry case that holds everything except the winch battery

Get in touch with us (click to send us an email) to discuss non-standard requirements, postage & arrange payment.


Now producing stainless-steel ballast bars for your Pike Perfect & Pike Perfect ET.

$50AUD per bar ex-freight

Ballast can be custom made to almost any weight to a max. of 530g (18.7 oz) & balance position to suit each pilot’s flying style.

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